opiferum (opiferum) wrote in new_comm_promo,

A place for people suffering, or recovering.

It doesn't matter if you're suffering from an aspect arising from being a drug user in today's complex world, or you're just not sure what to make of the whole recovery thing... Or, maybe you're suffering from depression, or are a survivor of a traumatic event in your life that has given you much grief and you're in need of a safe place to express yourself.

Well, here is a safe place to share and seek support, as most of us have all been there and experienced you might be trying to overcome, or we are still trying to deal with it.

This is definitely not a place to preach, but a place to share.

Your experiences are what really count, and will make the community as diverse as it is unique.

Keep in mind that posts don't have to be strictly about anything in particular, as this is a community where we can all find some solace and support, so it's an open-ended conversation for all that have something in common.

Check out harm_reduction if the above sounds like the sort of place you need.
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