regularamanda (regularamanda) wrote in new_comm_promo,

Pimping a new comm!

For any of you Science Fiction or Fantasy lovers out there, come and join! Shows/Movies like Lost, Stargate, Fringe, Harry Potter, Twilight, Buffy, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars and many others are allowed so come and join!

 scifi_turbo_rum  scifi_turbo_rum  scifi_turbo_rum 

^Click the banner to go to the sign ups!
This is a Turbo Rumble icontest that is a combination of a 20in20 (you are given a month to make 12 icons), a LIMS (you will be voting for two least favorites and two most favorites) and a rumble (there are no eliminations). ALL Science Fiction and Fantasy TV shows, movies, games, books are allowed! Check out this post for more information! 
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